Our Community

The Cliffs community is made up of one main road (Cliffview Drive), which is approximately 7/10 of a mile from bottom to top. There are five smaller side roads: Rocky Point Circle, Silver Springs Drive, Boulder Way, Cliffside Court and Mountain Ridge Drive.

Neighborhood Pride

In an attempt to keep our neighborhood attractive and maintain our home values, we encourage group cleanup projects and individual household maintenance. We make every attempt to put away garbage containers on the day of collection and keep our yards neatly maintained.

Cliffview Drive

Cliffview Drive is very steep and windy with a grade of 10% and greater in some areas. The road is also as narrow as 13 feet in some areas which means cars cannot pass each other in opposite direction without yielding. In addition there are many blind spots due to some extremely tight curves.

Large trucks can have an issue turning around on our roads once they enter the neighborhood. If you are moving or having something delivered please notify truck drivers to make sure they have a safe plan before they enter.

Please be responsible and drive safely at all times. It is important to drive slowly and be focused. Watch out for children playing or pedestrians walking the roads. We suggest you never exceed 14 MPH and please do not use your cell phone, which could endanger you or someone else.

Water in our Community

The Cliffs community all share the same water source in our subdivision. Our water comes from the city and is calculated on one bill as we do not have individual water meters. We ask that you be diligent in making every effort to conserve water. Please check your plumbing on a regular basis; especially your faucets and toilets. A “running” toilet can waste 2 gallons of water per minute. A silent leak in a toilet can waste up to 7,000 gallons of water per month. Turn your main water valve off when you go away if at all possible except during freezing conditions when pipes could freeze. Read Article on Water Conservation

Garbage and Trash Removal

A private garbage/trash removal service, Waste Pro of Arden (828-684-7790) visits the subdivision every Thursday. Residents make their own arrangements for the service. Your refuse should be out by 7 a.m. It is requested that you do not put your garbage and trash out the night before (especially during the spring and summer months). Critters love to see those cans there for them to “trash”.

How to sign up for paperless billing

2021 Recycle Calendar

What to Recycle

Sign Placement

Please avoid placing any signs on your property or throughout the neighborhood. They distract from the appearance of the neighborhood and all its natural beauty. If it is necessary be mindful of sign placement and remove them in a timely manner.

Winter Maintenance Information

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